ABOUT ZONGHENG

                                              Full Industry Chain Style

                                              PROFESSIONAL FIELDS

                                              We have been insisting on the philosophy of “Professional, Honest and Efficient” since the company was established, following the pace of the intellectual property era closely and contributing our own strength to the intellectual property undertaking in China.

                                              Quality Assurance

                                              Zongheng IP, founded in 2002, is an earlier high-end agency focusing on intellectual property services in China, and its headquarter is located in Nanjing.

                                              years of history as the high-end agency


                                              cooperative companies


                                              patent projects

                                              patents awarded as “Outstanding Inventions”


                                              patent attorneys

                                              Professional Knowledge

                                              Nanjing Zongheng IP, together with each branch, holds intellectual property seminars for enterprises, science and technology parks and government departments in different cities.

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